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These Foods Have 30 Grams of Protein!

4th June 2023

The importance of protein in a healthy diet Protein is vital for a healthy diet, supporting tissue repair, muscle mass, and bone health. It provides essential amino acids necessary for enzyme production, hormone regulation, and immune function. Good sources of…

What Happens If You Don’t Eat Enough Protein?

27th May 2023

What Are The Consequences of Protein Deficiency? What happens if you don’t eat enough protein? Insufficient protein intake can have significant consequences on overall health. Here are some key effects of not consuming enough protein in your diet: Recognizing signs…

Protein Bars For Vegans And Why They Can Improve Your Diet

16th April 2023

Introduction to Protein Bars for Vegans As more people choose to adopt veganism, finding plant-based sources of protein has become increasingly important. Protein is an essential nutrient that helps build and repair tissues in the body. Since vegan diets can…

Power Up Your Mornings with This Protein Oatmeal Recipe

15th April 2023

Why Should You Eat Protein Oatmeal Protein oats recipe is a breakfast option that is gaining popularity among individuals who prioritize their health and fitness. It is a nutritious meal that contains vital nutrients such as protein, fiber, and complex…

Shocking Exercise Facts

These three facts show that people are really not exercise enough. Lets work together and try to get those number up for everyone.

How Many People Exercise

Only 46.9% of people across the world exercise regularly. Lets help everyone and try to get that to 100%

How Many People Go To The Gym

Did you know that only 2.4% of the worlds population goes to the gym

Exercise in Adolescence

Most Shockingly of all is that 81% of teens and children do not get enough exercise on a weekly basis!