These 16 Low Calorie Snacks Will Keep You From Dying

Why Should You Eat Low Calorie Snacks?

If you want to look shredded for the summer, or any time of the year eat low calorie snacks it is as simple as that. I will show you some of the best healthy low-calorie snacks and low calorie meals that will make your cut way easier and save you from starving yourself to death. Though I could have made it easy for me a put in a ton of vegetables, my priority is to give you many different delicious options that you can implement into your diet now!

Eating low calorie snacks are great if you want to lose weight, but if you want learn about some of the common weight loss mistakes read this article called 11 Of The Most Common Fat Loss Mistakes

1. Rockmelon

Rockmelon is an excellent choice if you want a low-calorie great snack that is very filling,

Macros per 100 grams 

Calories – 24 

Protein – 0.5 grams

Fat – 0.1 grams

Moisture – 91.2 grams

Its super high moisture content is the reason why rockmelon can be so filling while also being super low in calories, and it is also the reason why rockmelons are such a great option as a low-calorie snack.

2. Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is my favorite option if I want a low-calorie but high-protein option.

Macros per 100 grams of raw chicken breast

Calories – 100

Protein – 22.5 grams

Fat – 0.8 grams

For 100 grams you can get 22.5 grams of protein for only 100 calories. As a plus with it being so low in calories, there is so much you can do with it to make it taste amazing while keeping it low in calories.

3. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is another one of those very versatile options where you can prepare is 20 different ways

Macros per 100 grams

Calories – 45

Protein – 2.1 grams

Fat – 0.6 grams

4. Potatoes

Potatoes are my absolute favourite whether you turn it into a satisfying savoury snack or meal, whether you can to keep it low-calorie or just bake it with a pinch of salt. Or add a bit more calories to your meal and make homemade potato chips or mashed potatoes

Macros per 100 grams

Calories – 56

Protein – 2 grams

Fat – 0 grams

If you love potato’s like I do here are some great recipes

5. Beef Jerky

Though beef jerky is a little bit higher in calories than some of the other options on this list, it just tastes amazing for only 116 calories, plus it contains a great amount of protein to calories ratio making it a great low calorie snack.

Macros per 100 grams

Calories – 116

Protein – 9.4 grams

Fat – 7.4 grams

6. Zero Sugar Ice-cream

Look I’m going to be very clear, zero sugar ice cream doe not taste as good as regular ice cream. But if you decide to eat regular vanilla ice cream it contains 50 more calories, 5 more grams of fat, and 0.5 less protein per 100 grams of ice cream.

Macros per 100 grams

Calories – 155

Protein – 4 grams

Fat – 7.5 grams

7. Zero Sugar Soda

Zero-sugar soda is an extremely great asset if you are on a more restrictive diet but still want to drink soda as they have zero calories per can. I do not think they are healthy, but if the rest of your diet is healthy one can of the day not hurt you. Plus your favourite zero sugar soda can make as a great accompaniment for any meal or low calorie snack.

Macros per one can of coke

Calories – 0

Protein – 0.4 grams

Fat – 0 grams

8. Protein Shake

The macros will vary depending on what brand of protein shake, but no matter what brand you get it is a great low-calorie food to really up your protein intake. Not to mention all of the of potential beneficial ingredients you could get such as BCAAs.

Macros per serving ( 1 scoop of 25 grams)

Calories –  94

Protein – 22 grams of protein

Fat – 0.5 gram of fat

Note that these numbers could heavily vary depending on what protein powder you have, and these numbers specifically come from Biotech USA Whey Isolate.

9. Cream Cheese

Though low fat cream cheese is not the best option for a great healthy snack as it is very high in healthy fats, it is relatively low in calories but I put this on here because it tastes great.

Calories – 350

Protein – 6.2 grams

Fat – 34 grams

Though you might enjoy eating cream cheese like I do, the important thing is to not go overboard.

10. Greek Yogurt

When I’m talking about Greek yogurt I am talking about the low-fat variety, and the reason I love Greek yogurt is that it is so versatile and can be used in so many different meals.

Macros in 100 grams of low-fat Greek yogurt

Calories – 78

Protein – 6.1 grams

Fat – 2.9 gram

 But my favourite reason I like eating it is that with a bit of fruit it makes a great refreshing breakfast.

11. Dark Chocolate

Not the lowest in the calories, or does it have the best macros either, but if you want to eat chocolate this is a great option. As an added bonus dark chocolate is relativity healthy because it is not heavily processed.

Calories – 550

Protein – 3.8 grams

Carbs – 59.6 grams

Fat – 32.4 grams

Dark chocolate contains a ton of nutrients that will positively affect you health, and some studies have also been shown that it can improve your health and lower your risk of heart disease.

12. An Egg

This one is very simple, just an egg and is also very filling while being low on calories and also very high protein.

Roughly the macros of one egg is

Calories – 77

Protein – 6.3 grams

Carbs – 0.6 grams

Fat – 5.3 grams

Plus you can use eggs in so many different ways from using it in fried rice, an omelette, or just eating some hard boiled eggs.

13. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter taste good and can be used and spread on so many different things and can help make an amazing savoury snack.

Macros per 100 grams

Calories – 588

Protein – 22 grams

Carbs – 24 grams

Fat – 50 grams

Peanut butter also contains so many other healthy nutrients such as vitamin E, magnesium, iron, selenium and vitamin B6.

14. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese both tastes great, but more than that it is extremely healthy being a great source of calcium, protein, and vitamins.

Macros per 100 grams

Calories – 84

Protein – 52 grams

Carbs – 25 grams

Fat – 23 grams

15. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds is a great snack that can be eaten pretty much anywhere while keeping you some what full. While providing so many different health benefits such as a variety of nutrients and antioxidants.

Macros per servings

Calories – 446

Protein – 18.5 grams

Carbs – 53.7 grams

Fat – 19.4 grams


Number 16 is a simple apple, it can be used as a great snack by eating it whole, or you could cut it up into apple slices and up it in a bowl of Greek yogurt. That is the great thing a bout a simple apple, so simple, yet so tasty and versatile.

Macros per 100 grams of a Pink Lady Apple

Calories – 52

Protein – 0.2 grams

Fats – 0 grams

Personally I think is a very satisfying snack as it is very filling

Wrap Up

Though not all of these foods are for everyone, hopefully I gave you some low calorie snack ideas from this article.

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